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  • December 2017 Dental Newsletter

    Keeping Your Mouth Healthy Through the Holidays During the holidays we gather, celebrate, and often indulge. This is the time of year we all deserve to enjoy ourselves and have an extra treat. In the middle of all the festivities, you can still make good choices to protect your teeth, tongue, and gums.

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  • November Dental Newsletter

    Be Thankful for the Teeth You Have You may be surprised to learn that the earliest documentation of teeth were not individual structures, but rather tough, bumpy plates that ancient fish would use like sandpaper to crush and shred their food. Fast forward 400 million years and the evolution of teeth

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  • October 2017 Dental Newsletter

    Enamel Erosion Among the reasons why people suffer from sensitive teeth, one of the most common is enamel erosion. Enamel is the substance that makes up the outermost layer of the teeth. It is the hardest substance in the body and it protects the sensitive dentin layer and pulp. However, once it’s

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